Rent Guarantee

Rent Guarantee

One of the most difficult aspects of being a landlord is ensuring there is always someone renting the property, and that they pay on time.

Clarke and Lloyds can manage the rental process and guarantee there will always be someone renting your property.

Rent Guaranteed with Clarke & Lloyds means

  • 0% Commission
  • Rent Paid even if the property is empty
  • Free Management
  • Complete Peace of mind
  • Hassel Free
  • Just Relax
  • Costant Income

What we offer:

  • 3-5 year leases with guaranteed monthly rental
  • No fees or commission taken
  • No worries over empty property or non-payments.

How we do it

We pay the landlord a fixed monthly rent, and then the property is sub-let by us to tenants.

Whether the property is being rented that month or not, we will always pay the fixed rental amount on time, every month.

Why it’s great for you:

  • Maintenance and upkeep managed for you
  • All tenant communications handled by us
  • Consistent income without any hassle.

Becoming a landlord come with innumerable worries and concerns can be tough to manage. With a 3-5 year lease guaranteeing a monthly income, Clarke and Lloyds ensure you a hassle free rental process that allows the landlord to enjoy their investment with no effort required.

Get in touch with Clarke and Lloyds about our Rent Guarantee programme on: 020 7377 1555. Or call into our office: 6 Old Montague Street, Brick Lane, London, E1 5NG