Rent a Commercial property

Why rent

If you are looking for a shorter term investment, renting can be a great option compared to buying a commercial space. It can give you the flexibility to react to the changing commercial market and your changing staff needs.

Things to note

Will the property need any renovation before you move in, is the space furnished or not? Is there an existing utilities contract and what is the security situation?

These are all things to keep in mind when looking for a commercial space to rent.

The right commercial space

Finding the right space for your intended commercial use can be difficult. Our experience and knowledge of the area means we can guide you to a great option.

We will listen to the square footage you want, the intended use, the necessary foot traffic and many other factors, and then give you a selection of properties that we think will be ideal for you.

Finalising the deal

Once you have found that perfect property, and decide to rent the space, Clarke and Lloyd will draft the head terms approved & Signed by both landlord and client and forward to both side of Solicitors.