Sell a Commercial property

Important selling information

Selling a commercial space is all about highlighting the potential revenue streams to prospective buyers. If you can help a buyer to see how and where they could generate profit after purchasing your property, you will stand an excellent chance to sell at a good price.

Marketing the property

The most important aspect of obtaining a good offer is to get the marketing and advertising right. We work with the best photographers and advertising outlets, to ensure that your property looks as professional and attractive as possible.

Our experience working with commercial sales in London means we know how to get the best buyers to see your property and come in with great offers.

Receiving an offer

If an interested party makes an offer on your property, we will communicate this to you; using our years of experience in the area, we will suggest whether it may, or may not be, a good representation of value.

We advise you engage a solicitor for the next part: the convincing process.


If you receive an offer that you think is high enough, you can begin the next steps for the selling process.

This includes:

  • Confirming the mortgage offer of the buyer
  • Draft contract writing.

Contracts and Completion

If the mortgage offer is in place, the surveys are all satisfactory and the contracts have been drafted, the two parties can sign and exchange contracts. This is the point where you will be legally bound to the process.

The buyer will transfer you the agreed deposit (normally 10%) and you can agree a completion date.

As long as everything is in order and both parties are happy, the property will officially be sold to the buyer and you relinquish ownership on the completion date.