Buy a Commercial property

What to buy

Commercial properties include office space, industrial space and retail space, mix residential & commercial properties for investment purpose, They often hold their wealth in volatile times better than residential property, so can be a great investment.

Important points

If you are buying a commercial space, intending to let it to others, you must consider who will want to let it, and how much you can charge.

Search for a property

When you have a good idea about costs and prices, get in contact with us on 020 7377 1555 or use the contact us page. You can also register to get property alerts from us, which will keep you up to date with new properties coming onto the market.

When you get in touch, give us a good idea about the type, size and price of property you are interested in and we will conduct a search for you.

The offer stage

Once you have found that perfect property, and decide to make an offer, let us know the amount you want to offer, and we will communicate the figure to the owner. At this point, there is no legal obligation.

It’s an excellent idea to use a solicitor to ensure that every piece of paperwork is right, and to make the process smoother and quicker.

There can often be some negotiation, but once an offer is agreed upon, the steps for conveyancing can begin.


This stage is about getting the right paperwork in order to legally change the ownership of a property.

It includes:

  • Local authority searches
  • Draft contract writing
  • Mortgage offers
  • Initiation of building surveys.

Exchange contracts

Once all the above paperwork has been agreed upon and completed, the two parties can exchange contracts, and all going well, the buyer will transfer the deposit (normally 10%) to the seller. At this point, a completion date needs to be agreed upon.


This is when all the paperwork has been agreed, contracts signed and exchanged and funds transferred. The buyer will officially own the property on the completion date agreed by both parties.