Buying Process

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1. Establish your Budget:-

Before you start the property search please be make sure you have Principle agreement of mortgage and 10 – 20% deposit should be in place. Once the offer is accepted immediately inform to your financial adviser to finalise mortgage application

2. Arrange the Mortgage :-

Once mortgage in placed you will have the better understanding & confidence about your budget which will put you in the better position to negotiate and find the desire property

3. Decide the next home :-

Now days in the presence of internet it is very convenient and with help of online searching tool have made very easy to decide the your next home as per your requirement such as , the area, your budget, flat or house, how many bedroom , amenities, etc.

Please register your requirement with Clarke & Lloyds either by calling 0207-3771-555 or with website or walk in.

4. Viewing the property

We always strongly suggest that please look at the floor plan, street view of the property , walk & drive, go through with all the pictures and discus over the phone or by email before you book the viewing.

5. Placed the Offer;-

Once you have found the your desire property you want to buy first analyse according to your requirement and compare with house you have seen before, that meets your requirement , budget. Start negotiation the price with seller via estate agent.

As soon as the offer is accepted We expect from you provide the following information to move next step,

  • Solicitor detail
  • Mortgage or financial adviser detail
  • Prepare the memorandum of sale
  • Write to the all the concerned parties confirming the price

6. Arranging the Convincing ;-

Once the offer is accepted, We exchange the solicitor detail with particular of the property , who will be in contact each other to start and finish the legal process smoothly . They will advice and guide you through the process and will go through all the paper work step by step as per following

  • Upon receiving the contract draft raising the enquiries from the seller’s solicitor
  • Apply local searches
  • Raise additional enquiries if require
  • Liaise with the lender
  • Agree on the date for exchange of contract

The buyer solicitor will start examine the all legal document related to the property and raising the enquires in order to finalise the contract of the sale.

7. Arrange the survey;-

This is bank requirement to do the Valuation in relation to mortgage to establish the fact the property is in good condition against security for the loan

The survey will be conduct on-behalf of Lender and will advise to the lender for mortgage purpose , the surveyor will report to the lender, once the survey is approved by the lender a mortgage offer will be issue to your solicitor.

8. Finalise the Mortgage & Insurance

Your solicitor will receive the offer from the lender with final detail and terms & condition of the loan you are receiving are stated. Please make sure you check carefully with help of your financial adviser and solicitor.

9. Exchange he Contract

The exchange of contract took placed once the following items are in placed as following

  1. Mortgage offer has been issue to your solicitor
  2. All the enquiries have been answered satisfactory
  3. The contract has been signed by both parties
  4. You have paid, 10% deposit in most cases to your solicitor

Once all the above in placed and your solicitor is satisfied you are ready to proceed

On exchange the completion date is also agreed and both parties are now legally committed to the transaction

10. Completion & Move In

You pick the keys from estate agent, Congratulation you have now the new owner of the property.

Your solicitor will transfer all the balance monies to the seller solicitor through secure banking system