Selling Process

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1 Advertising and marketing

We know the area intimately, and have been doing business here for years, so we know the type of buyers in the area and what they are looking for.

It’s also about knowing the best way to market and advertise your property in the right media, presenting your property with the right photos & floor plan

2 Valuation of your property;-

One of the most important task is to determine the accurate valuation of your property, its not as simple as that the settling for the highest valuation but its about to trusting your local agent to value your property through using local knowledge, trend to determine the accurate valuation of your property that ensure your home will sell for the best possible price and within the time scale that’s suite your requirement.

3 Choosing the Estate Agent;-

You need to consider Agent Local Knowledge, Prominent office Location, Presence in the Area, Using all modern and traditional Marketing mix such as internet presence, existing data base are essential in obtaining the best exposure and achieving the best possible highest price of your property.

4 Market Your property:-

There are number of ways & tools to market your property to approach the audience before you finalise the agent please make sure the agent using the all or some of them following media mix to reach the right audience

  • LED Window & LCD display in branch
  • Existing customer Data base with specific requirement such as price band, number of bedroom and time scale
  • Email & text marketing to existing customer who are qualify for your property according to your property
  • Digital professional photography
  • Comprehensive 3D colour floor plan
  • Sales boards erected outside your property
  • Comprehensive Internet Marketing via Leading portals i.e. Rightmove, Zoopla, find a property, Prime location,
  • Social Media Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter, email and text Marketing

5 Finding a solicitor

We strongly recommend you use a solicitor to make selling your property easier. It will also make the process more efficient. We can suggest an excellent solicitor, or you can work with one with whom you are familiar.

6 Showing you properties

We are happy to take buyers around your property whenever it suits them and you; flexibility is vital for busy Londoners. Buyers will most likely want to view properties during evenings and weekends.

We will come with the buyer for viewings, so any questions they have can be answered, then and there, by our professional consultants.

Note; if your property is rented, you just provide us the detail of the tenant rest leave with us Clarke & Llloyds knows very well how to keep happy & satisfied the occupier with-out disturbing their privacy carrying the viewing according to their priority

7 Offers from buyers

When an offer has been made by a buyer, this will be passed on to you verbally, and confirmed in writing.

8 Agreeing a offer

Once a figure has been agreed upon, Clarke and Lloyd will:

  • Draft a memorandum of sale
  • Check the details of your solicitor
  • Ensure all parties are happy with the price and the next steps.

We then find the best day to exchange contracts, complete a survey on the property and a date for completion.

9 Exchange of contracts

The contract exchange requires the following steps:

  • Mortgage details of the buyer
  • Draft sale contracts drawn up
  • Property title evidence shown
  • Local search queries
  • Deciding what will come with the sale (fittings etc).

10 Sale complete

Once all the paperwork and details have been agreed upon and signed, the process will be completed on the date both parties have set. You can then collect the keys to your new home.

To arrange the “Free Valuation” weather for sale or re-financing purpose or if you have any question please call 0207-3771-555 or fill the valuation request form, We will be delighted to assist you further